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Passagist books are beautiful, high-quality, hardcover books that will last for generations.

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Passagist lets you

Preserve your memories

All of your moments and life stories are preserved in a beautiful, high-quality, hardcover book.

Connect with loved ones

Learn about each other's lives and connect in deeper, more meaningful ways.

Cherish your lives

Your books become beautiful keepsakes that will be shared and cherished for many generations to come.


Say "Hello" to Opal, your personal AI biographer, designed to craft your life's story with ease and creativity.

Engage in a verbal dialogue as Opal intelligently tailors questions based on your responses, and weaves your life's narrative.

From writing your adventures to titling your chapters, Opal transforms your memories into a beautifully chronicled book, effortlessly capturing those small and big moments alike.

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Requires speaker and microphone
✓ 30-day money-back guarantee

How it works

Step 1

Be inspired by Opal's questions about your unique life story

Step 2

Your story comes to life through chatting with Opal, or our intuitive interface

Step 3

Share your beautiful life story in a hardcover, printed book

Let the stories begin

You can get started in minutes.

✓ 30-day money-back guarantee